Writing tip#01: Get the best editor in town!

Since reading Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple book, stories of Steve Jobs would inspire and intrigue me. When his autobiography was released, I consumed it from word to word. The beauty of the book is that it never explicitly calls out the qualities of Jobs but leaves a lot of impression on the readers. The one attribute of him that distinctly stood out for me was, he was an excellent editor. 

He may not have created all the design himself, but he knew what he wanted. He was a visionary and would say more ‘Nos’ than ‘Yes’, to his team. He pushed them to the edge to get what he was looking for in a product. 

As my editor shared the feedback on the first draft, I was happy to read her advice and comments. Her suggestions made me realise how important it is to have an editor who can get into the soul of your stories. At one places, she commented -“Your female readers will be left out”. It was a profound revelation for me. That also made me feel that an editor from the opposite gender could be a blessing for the book. 

Can’t wait to reach the finishing line, yet there are few laps more to cover! 



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