Which country offers the best work-life balance?

Growing up, I never heard about work-life balance. The bread earners would go to their office or shops in my case; from morning to night. Sundays were off and would start with watching the television show, special lunch and evening out to an exhibition, a Circus or shopping. 

Having work-life balance has become increasingly important; is an understatement in today’s world. Even job descriptions highlight work-life balance as a perquisite offered. 

Which country in the world offers the best WL balance? Where daddies officially take a day off per fortnight to spend time with their kids? They can spend time colouring with the kids, reading story books or taking the kid and a bunch of his friends to a movie on a weekday! Where you don’t need to take time out for a dinner date; it is part of work life. 

The Dutch know it better; Netherlands scores among the highest in WL Balance in the world!



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