When you give credits, your credibility goes up, really?

“No cheating”, I was told the first time I started playing hide & seek and when I sat for my first exam. The warning message changed as I grew up, yet the essence remained.

If you deal with originality, be it preparing a keynote, a graph, analysis, writing a song or a book – knows the heartache behind plagiarism. Lifting work, modifying and presenting is common. The attention span is so less today that ‘inspirations’ have become ‘new originals’. Hardly people have time to go to the source or question the authenticity!

In my book, I have narrated immigration history, its influence and how it shapes the resident’s worldview. The US is a confluence of immigrants, and it is hard to differentiate who is an outsider looking at the face. At one place, I had to depict geographical spread of immigrants in the US.

“I seek permission to use your map in my book”.

“You don’t need to express permission. Feel free to include it with proper attribution”, came the reply.

Avoids plagiarism issue. Establishes authenticity. Integrity.

When you give credits, your credibility goes up!

Teach your kids about Credibility, this Children’s day!

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