What is the one thing that reduces your efficiency?

Yesterday I was playing Chess with my son, and he advised me not to play the same piece twice consecutively. If you do, that means your first step was ineffective, you are inefficient. You are one step behind me, he shared. I took note.

The same strategy applies in the corporate world too!

Sending reminders to get things done at the workplace is the single most act that reduces your efficiency.

You cannot move forward if there is a dependency. Part of your energy is engaged in getting the task done. If there need to be a rework, you are racing against the time. It introduces uncertainty in your plan of action. It results in a chain of reactions, ultimately you may fall one step behind!

Quick action or reply to email or calendar-invite brings certainty. More work gets done in less time, everyone’s time is valued, nobody chases anybody! This strategy helps in building an efficient culture. It develops slowly, but once you know everyone is part of the culture; you can build your pieces with every forward step like in the game of Chess.

When you move abroad, knowing work-culture can give a jumpstart to your journey!

What affects your efficiency, and how do you go about it?



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