Things that you buy last matters the most?

When my wife goes for vegetable shopping, she will buy all the vegetables and ask the seller to add some ‘coriander and curry leaves’ to the bag at the end; rounding off the bill. It may not be the main ingredient of a recipe, but without curry leaves; the dish may not lift its flavours. The aroma of coriander in your mouth could take the meal to the next level.

I wrote Acknowledgments, Dedication, Preface and Appendix pages while submitting the draft for final editing, last week. These are essential sections that put the book in the right perspective. It helps in letting the readers know about the germination of an idea and the peripheral stories that lead to the book’s completion. It gives an opportunity to talk to the readers before they start turning pages.

Things that you write last are read first by the readers! Do you have any similar experience? Do share!



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