Should you wait for motivation to happen?

Before successfully hitting the stands with ‘7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad’, I had written two fiction novels, both half-written lying in my pc. Compelling plot, amazing stories, intriguing characters- the only issue was, the plot kept on changing with time.

I would wait to feel motivated to write. And when I felt so, I would start by reading what I had written till then. I kept enhancing to make it more impactful! The storyline kept on changing & I couldn’t complete it till date. Don’t wait for motivation to happen- the right time, a right day or a right signal.

For my third book and the first published one, the only reason I could cross the finishing line was that I did not wait for motivation to happen. I made a schedule to follow 5AM to 8 AM each day. There were times when I was staring white paper and the writing time was up. But the schedule conditioned my mind, became aware of what was expected. Eventually, it worked out.

1. A schedule (get it right)

2. Consistently showing up (easier said than done, work on it)

3. Reading easy books when not writing (but don’t just keep reading)

helped me.

Are you waiting for motivation to happen?

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