How to deal with your negativity?

There is a dustbin in your house. It occupies a small corner of your home that you do not often visit or admire it. You clear the dustbin every single morning or night before it starts stinking. It is kept empty as much possible.

Likewise, you will have negative thoughts, sometimes external, sometimes internal; big or small. Don’t dwell on them, don’t spill it all over your mind and be occupied with it. Let it be at a corner occupying smallest possible space and then clear it often. Ignoring those thoughts and staying with positive thoughts are ways to clear them.

When I started writing, I realised that it was imperative to keep myself high; distractions should not bother me. I ignored every distraction that was happening in the office, at home, on the way somebody bumping on my vehicle, honking, etc. It was challenging initially, but that’s the only way I knew.

I practised it till the ritual became part of me; till negative thoughts got cleared subconsciously.

How do you handle negativity?



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