Canada is inviting applications for skilled permanent residents in numbers that hardly any other country is doing currently in the World. A stint there can fulfil many of your dreams. Its cities rank high in the World city ranking index. Canada gives easy access to the US and many nearby regions because of its proximity. It has one of the best lakes in the World- The Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, a bucket list item.

When it comes to migration, the stakes are higher. You need to look into many more aspects than just at the surface. The job market, the primary reason you would want to move, is small; if it not an inter-company transfer for you. Several people have sold their assets in India, migrated and couldn’t find a job for six months to a year! You will end up in one of the top five cities in Canada because of better prospects. The rentals have been continuously increasing because of demand pressure, and you need to be good at calculations.

Local people are generally humble, generous and welcoming. The culture … ok, let me stop here.

Why would you want to immigrate to another country, leaving your comfort zone?



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