7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad

Fulfilling Your Dreams with Dignity

You will only grow as much you travel! You live to thrive and not just survive!

12 Countries Around the world!

Real experiences, compelling stories. How is it to live at your Dream destination?

Bon Voyage!

This ultimate guide promises to give direction to your dreams, change your thoughts about living abroad or atleast make you better informed!

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Wow for the creativity and uniqueness. It’s a must buy.

 You will find all the How, when and why for settling abroad and not settling abroad. This book has captured a lot in around 300 pages. It contains stories or anecdotes of 34 people living abroad… Karan has discussed 12 countries in particular and I find that list more than enough…
Since the title is 7 secrets so it has 7 chapters with 3 to 5 subsections in each chapter. The naming of chapters has Hindi translation which is quite animated (with some Hindi dialogues & songs phrases). I really liked this creativity…
… The flow of the book is so smooth and streamlined that I was just stuck to reading and was very reluctant to stop in between.. has wrote in depth on work culture in foreign culture.. This book is for everyone who has settled abroad or is planning to settle abroad. I am sure this book can bring smiles and tears to both kind of readers…I must confess that I was not expecting too much from this book. But the author has made it into such a paradise that it was wonderful experience to read it.

Nirav Mithani

Must read for all the age groups !

I really enjoyed reading the book and would strongly recommend anyone seeking advice on foreign lifestyles to read it!

Very informative due to the multiple contributors’ real-life stories and insights. Must read for anyone who has any connection with abroad or wishes to forge any such connections!

Author’s outlook at small parts of the abroad life is amazing and very descriptive. His personal recounts enable the reader to be more engaged as well as make reading the book a easy pastime👌🏻

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