First draft: Digital or physical?

During the university exams, if you recollect people taking supplement sheets always made others nervous. “Madam, supplement!” and everyone’s head would turn! It would kick in a competitive spirit to join the league soon.

What did writing exam papers did? You were focused – all the senses where at the tip on the pen. You had a mission to reach the finishing line. The more you wrote, the more you could concentrate. Writing your first draft is similar. The blank page staring at you could be scary. Your bad handwriting could make it sweat. But as you fill the pages, you may find your groove. Physical writing is laborious, involves more of you, in turn brings out the best of you!

Digital writing works best when you intend to write specific and short in length – an email, a status message, a blog. Typing draft on a MacBook requires to keep the itch to log on to check mails, read news away. You will scroll the draft to review. You won’t cover the distance. You haven’t built your pieces. You put it off to another day.

Handwritten draft gives you confidence, sense of achievement. Converting to digital gives the first instance to improve it.

What works for you -writing on a piece of paper or typing?



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