Does food influence immigrants, Or is it the other way round?

When you immigrate to another country;

your own food gives familiarity to you in the foreign land.

Food becomes a tool for survival,

a tool for your identity.

Food is a sign of resistance,

as well as assimilation.

Ingredients hide stories of who you are and flavours reveal where you come from.

The style is localised over a period.

Britishers loved Fish and Chips. They took it to wherever they went. It is a relished dish in most of the common-wealth countries, more so, in the English speaking countries.

Wherever it is, is a sign of adoption of what Britishers brought with them. Food breaks the cultural walls. Sitting together, eating cuisine from another country is a sign of openness. If it becomes part of the local culture, it is acceptance!

Food is not just a matter of feeding your hunger, it is a matter of existence!

What is your story of food from another country?



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