They say, ‘the best thing comes at the end!’

They say, ‘the best thing comes at the end!’

As I was signing off the other day from the office, the main door guard asked me,

“have you written this book?”

“Yes”, I said, not expecting that question.

“It is nice, I have read two pages!”, she said. And I was taken aback.

I wasn’t expecting it from her. I killed the stereotype thoughts that were about to come in my mind.

“If I gift you, will you read it?” I asked.

“Yes”, with a broad smile and twinkle in her eyes, she said.

And I wished her to follow her dreams, thrive with dignity in whatever she does!

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How do you handle nervousness?

How do you handle nervousness?

“Were you nervous on the stage?”

A good friend had asked after I came from the book launch.

“A little. Actually more than a little until I was on the stage”, I replied.

“How did you manage?” He got curious.

“Sachin Tendulkar has played 200 Test matches, scored a hundred centuries. Do you recollect his body language every time he was at 88 and till he crossed the 100 mark – a little nervous, trying to focus hard? Being persistent, ” I took a pause.

He was nodding his head in an Indian style.

“And we are talking about ‘The legend’ of a game! I have just started out. Nervousness is part of the human wire. It helps to focus and practise hard. I try to draw inspiration every time I feel anything like that.”

How do you beat the nervousness out of you?

Super 30:​ Efforts & Results!

Super 30:​ Efforts & Results!

Super 30 movie depicts the journey of Anand Kumar, a mathematician who transforms the life of underprivileged students, 30 at a time. The film is inspiring, and some of the events are too harsh to believe them to be true. I had to read about the mathematician after watching the movie to figure out if it was a commercial drama or the events happened in reality. You may have to pay a heavy price to help ‘deserving students over the rich and the blessed ones’, I concluded. Some of the learnings:

1. Effort versus Results: Anand Kumar’s entire focus was on putting the required efforts; results to follow. He even asked his students to find maths in whatever they did. If you take efforts of this level, you can shake the mountains.

2. Testing the waters: When there was a competition between Anand Kumar’s students and that of competing coaching class, the results gave a wakeup call to Anand Kumar. Though his efforts were in line, there were other factors that he did not think of, that mattered. In Business too, periodical reviews by client or customer help in assessing the progress. Keeping an ear close to the ground will help immensely.

3. Ability to apply what you learn: When the students had fewer books and everyone required it at the same time; they made a projector with available resources; studying together on a large screen! ‘Thinking out of the box’ is most of the times a simple life lesson; like a wheel on 1st generation iPods to ease navigation from the first song to the last one!

4. Believing in yourself: Once you have buy-in from yourself; the world will follow. 

5. Specialist versus an all-rounder: Anand Kumar taught mathematics and did not try to teach every other subject making himself versatile. He gave best in what he knew well; depth in a subject matters than knowing spectrum of things. The Indian Cricket team missed a specialist middle-order batsman in the recently concluded Cricket tournament. The all-rounders did a great job of taking the side close to victory, yet a specialist could have changed the outcome.

6. Living for a higher cause: Anand Kumar has dedicated his life to teaching poor students. We should figure out a cause (if not yet found) that will give a high once the routine life becomes mundane. Prepare and get ready till you heed to your calling!

7. Following dreams require sacrifices: Anand Kumar may not even have imagined the challenges he has to face to pursue his dreams. Ideating or dreaming is the best situation where you are not required to put any effort, but you can soar higher and higher with every dwelled idea. When it comes to turning dreams into reality, most of you would be tested on things that you never dreamt of. Blood, sweat, tears make a start-up, a unicorn.

8. A good mentor can change your life: The Super 30 students were Lucky 30 to have been mentored by a great wizard himself. By 2018, 422 out of the 480 of Anand Kumar’s students had made it to the IITs. Not every specialist can be a great coach and not every good mentor is accessible. If you find a great mentor, stick to the person to realise your full potential. 

9. Relationships: Anand Kumar’s family stood with him during his struggling days, despite being attacked several times (in real life). Invest in your relations without having to think of what you will get back. Strong support system itself is a blessing.

When your spouse drags you to a movie theatre, you should go. If nothing else, re-read point number 9! 😀