Why the Pink and Blue divide?

Why the Pink and Blue divide?

I went to buy skates for my son. The store had hundreds of it, perfectly stacked and displayed on the shelf. The issue was only one – it had only one coloured skates.

My son tried them.

“Lets Buy”, I said.

“Papa, it is Pink!”

“It looks cute”, I replied.

I persisted.

He resisted.

I was firm.

He looked withdrawn.

“What is the harm in Pink coloured skates? You have the same colour T-Shirt too”.

“This Pink is too Pink! My friends will tease me.”

I submitted my persistence. Five years old is too young to handle an unwanted distraction and may get disinterested in the sport. Implicit colour coding is ingrained in our thoughts and social behaviour. Colour can make kid carry seeds of doubt and impact confidence. They already-fit themselves into a social die-caste without exploring a part of themselves.

I had black skates, and the fanciest had Orange wheels back then. Marketers have demarcated the lines in shops what the kids should play with! Corporates should be regulated for stereotyping and putting cage in the thoughts of young souls and parents alike.

Why should marketers decide and make a deep influence on the kid’s minds? Challenge the stereotypes! What do you think?