They say, ‘the best thing comes at the end!’

They say, ‘the best thing comes at the end!’

As I was signing off the other day from the office, the main door guard asked me,

“have you written this book?”

“Yes”, I said, not expecting that question.

“It is nice, I have read two pages!”, she said. And I was taken aback.

I wasn’t expecting it from her. I killed the stereotype thoughts that were about to come in my mind.

“If I gift you, will you read it?” I asked.

“Yes”, with a broad smile and twinkle in her eyes, she said.

And I wished her to follow her dreams, thrive with dignity in whatever she does!

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What is stopping you from achieving what you want?

What is stopping you from achieving what you want?

Procrastination! Waiting for Monday to start an initiative, waiting for next day to reply an email, waiting for the weekend to call a friend.

What are the signs that you are procrastinating? Your To-Do list is increasing. Your ‘flag to respond later’ emails are growing.

What happens then? A little chaos, within and outside. You start prioritising tasks and make a plan for your plans.

What you need to do? Eat that Frog (first)! – A fantastic book by Brian Tracy. Do the distasteful task that you have to first, that you are sitting on for reasons hard to explain. That task which you thought about first, while waking up!

How it helps? ‘Done’ is better than several good plans. The moment a task is done, your spirit would be lifted to do more. And since the most distasteful work is done, the remaining should require less push with newfound motivation!

What is stopping you?