How is it to celebrate festivals abroad?

How is it to celebrate festivals abroad?

As a kid, I used to wait for the evening of the Dussehra festival. I would go to the nearby temple with my cousins and friends. On the open ground within the premises of the temple, huge effigies of the mythological character Ravana along with his two brothers would be erected. The effigies would be stuffed with firecrackers. An energetic lad disguised as Hanuman would be seen entertaining the crowd with his mace (gada). Little kids would release fire-tipped arrows from a distance, hitting Ravana’s chest and setting the effigy on fire.

I would clap and shout along with my tribe, watching the effigies collapse head-first, on the ground. The festival is a symbol of victory of good over evil, and I would run back home feeling elated and victorious as if it were I who had personally destroyed evil! I would then visit each house in my colony to exchange Apta leaf (bidi tree leaf) called ‘sona’.

When you move to a foreign country, however, even finding a ‘tithi’ can be challenging. Your mom is missed. Your dad is missed, too. And that regional calendar hanging from your kitchen window, listing all the tithis is also missed.

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