When you give credits, your credibility goes up, really?

When you give credits, your credibility goes up, really?

“No cheating”, I was told the first time I started playing hide & seek and when I sat for my first exam. The warning message changed as I grew up, yet the essence remained.

If you deal with originality, be it preparing a keynote, a graph, analysis, writing a song or a book – knows the heartache behind plagiarism. Lifting work, modifying and presenting is common. The attention span is so less today that ‘inspirations’ have become ‘new originals’. Hardly people have time to go to the source or question the authenticity!

In my book, I have narrated immigration history, its influence and how it shapes the resident’s worldview. The US is a confluence of immigrants, and it is hard to differentiate who is an outsider looking at the face. At one place, I had to depict geographical spread of immigrants in the US.

“I seek permission to use your map in my book”.

“You don’t need to express permission. Feel free to include it with proper attribution”, came the reply.

Avoids plagiarism issue. Establishes authenticity. Integrity.

When you give credits, your credibility goes up!

Teach your kids about Credibility, this Children’s day!

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When Sir Ratan Tata replies to your email!

When Sir Ratan Tata replies to your email!

As a kid, I would idolise Shahrukh Khan… Sonu Nigam… Shaan… stars of my generation. Sachin Tendulkar took it to the next level. Mr Bachchan remained there forever.

Then I read the book ‘Beyond the Last Blue Mountain‘ on JRD. That changed the definition of a hero for me. JRD, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Sam Walton, Indira Nooyi became heroes for me. Satya Nadella and Ajay Banga in the current lot among others.

Tatas have a special place in my heart. I chose Tata companies to study in Security Analysis during my MBA studies. Started corporate career with the Tatas. I have been eating Tata salt since birth so there is too much of a Tata to take it out of me! 🙂

I sent my first book and a letter to Mr Ratan Tata. The final reply came from the man himself and not from his office! My letter was stamped, scanned, saved in my name and attached as an acknowledgement in his email! He replied a commoner like me taking time out of his busy schedule. Such gestures make a leader, a great leader!

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How do you handle nervousness?

How do you handle nervousness?

“Were you nervous on the stage?”

A good friend had asked after I came from the book launch.

“A little. Actually more than a little until I was on the stage”, I replied.

“How did you manage?” He got curious.

“Sachin Tendulkar has played 200 Test matches, scored a hundred centuries. Do you recollect his body language every time he was at 88 and till he crossed the 100 mark – a little nervous, trying to focus hard? Being persistent, ” I took a pause.

He was nodding his head in an Indian style.

“And we are talking about ‘The legend’ of a game! I have just started out. Nervousness is part of the human wire. It helps to focus and practise hard. I try to draw inspiration every time I feel anything like that.”

How do you beat the nervousness out of you?