About Me

Karan agrawal

English was taught to me in classrooms. I converse in Hindi at home, broken Marathi with few friends, want to learn Gujarati. I  did self-talk in Hindi for most of my life. I have struggled with correct usage of ‘has’ ‘have’ ‘could’ in my early years. ‘Sought after and sort after; intimation over notification. I have refined myself over the years, yet I would remain a lifelong student of the language and the life.

I have messaged my then manager that I would be taking an off for having ‘sour’ throat; to which he replied; ‘Sure, btw it is sore and not sour’. The shift in my writing came when I learnt to think in English. I started blogging around twelve years back and I improved myself; one post at a time. You can only be as much successful as you can improve.

Blogs turned out to be my regular hanging out place, when I was not roaming around with friends. It introduced me to virtual friends who would regularly peep into my posts and motivate with their comments.

As I became busier in the ‘real world’, I was writing more emails than stories. I travelled around the world and my heart wanted to write travel tales in a way that could help people. ‘Trip Advisor’ website became my new friend, and I left my trail on the site with wherever I went. A writer in me was alive.

Over these many years, writing a book was always a thought, but I did not realise when it became a serious affair. I took the leap of faith and embrace whatever the Universe was telling me to do. I did not plan so much before starting the book, on the ‘how-to’ part and just plunged into it. Every single day has been a steep learning curve, ever since I started writing. I have discovered myself every single morning. I can sum up the exciting journey of writing as having felt like an Office Boy to a CEO; from time to time. I played the role of a product manager, a sales strategist, a Budget planner, a Design Architect and above all a Writer; writing stories. Many a times juggling various activities at the same time, like I am writing this ‘About me’ page for the website, in between reading Editor’s suggestions on the first draft! Yet I want to cross the finishing line and see how the overall picture develops!

Storytelling is my passion and I am living it each day!

I am a software professional in my day job. I have travelled around the world, serving Fortune 500 clients. I have completed Masters in Business Administration in Core Finance from IBS, Hyderabad. I hail from Orange City of India, Nagpur.

Lesser known facts about me

Have crossed country border running!

First ever book became #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

University topper

Travelled nine countries and counting!

Jumped from a Cliff into the deep chilled ocean!

Can live on Yellow Lays and Haldiram Bhujia Sev forever!

Can paint acrylic on canvas!

Escaped 26/11 incident in Mumbai, 2008!

Grown hairs long till shoulders recently, like it was in my childhood!