What is stopping you from achieving what you want?

What is stopping you from achieving what you want?

Procrastination! Waiting for Monday to start an initiative, waiting for next day to reply an email, waiting for the weekend to call a friend.

What are the signs that you are procrastinating? Your To-Do list is increasing. Your ‘flag to respond later’ emails are growing.

What happens then? A little chaos, within and outside. You start prioritising tasks and make a plan for your plans.

What you need to do? Eat that Frog (first)! – A fantastic book by Brian Tracy. Do the distasteful task that you have to first, that you are sitting on for reasons hard to explain. That task which you thought about first, while waking up!

How it helps? ‘Done’ is better than several good plans. The moment a task is done, your spirit would be lifted to do more. And since the most distasteful work is done, the remaining should require less push with newfound motivation!

What is stopping you?

How to deal with your negativity?

There is a dustbin in your house. It occupies a small corner of your home that you do not often visit or admire it. You clear the dustbin every single morning or night before it starts stinking. It is kept empty as much possible.

Likewise, you will have negative thoughts, sometimes external, sometimes internal; big or small. Don’t dwell on them, don’t spill it all over your mind and be occupied with it. Let it be at a corner occupying smallest possible space and then clear it often. Ignoring those thoughts and staying with positive thoughts are ways to clear them.

When I started writing, I realised that it was imperative to keep myself high; distractions should not bother me. I ignored every distraction that was happening in the office, at home, on the way somebody bumping on my vehicle, honking, etc. It was challenging initially, but that’s the only way I knew.

I practised it till the ritual became part of me; till negative thoughts got cleared subconsciously.

How do you handle negativity?

How Canada could fulfil your Dreams?

How Canada could fulfil your Dreams?

Canada is inviting applications for skilled permanent residents in numbers that hardly any other country is doing currently in the World. A stint there can fulfil many of your dreams. Its cities rank high in the World city ranking index. Canada gives easy access to the US and many nearby regions because of its proximity. It has one of the best lakes in the World- The Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, a bucket list item.

When it comes to migration, the stakes are higher. You need to look into many more aspects than just at the surface. The job market, the primary reason you would want to move, is small; if it not an inter-company transfer for you. Several people have sold their assets in India, migrated and couldn’t find a job for six months to a year! You will end up in one of the top five cities in Canada because of better prospects. The rentals have been continuously increasing because of demand pressure, and you need to be good at calculations.

Local people are generally humble, generous and welcoming. The culture … ok, let me stop here.

Why would you want to immigrate to another country, leaving your comfort zone?

Have you tried a vegetarian dish with fish in it?

Have you tried a vegetarian dish with fish in it?

Sundays used to be the most awaited day of the week. Something special would be cooked, other than the routine food. Masala Dosa or Idli Sambar was among those dishes for us. Food has the power to make you happy.

As you move abroad, depending on your food preferences and the country you move to, the amount of happiness would vary. An office colleague ordered food for me at the counter, during our first Friday lunch out.

“What did you order for me?” I asked.

“Mock fish!” he answered.

“I am vegetarian on first seven days of a week”, I replied, looking away from the plate that arrived.

“Only name has a fish. What you see is made out of Soybean”, he started laughing.

It took a while for me to believe that it was not a prank. And few more months to appreciate the concept!

Do share your exciting encounters at the food table, let the world know! 😊

Things that you buy last matters the most?

When my wife goes for vegetable shopping, she will buy all the vegetables and ask the seller to add some ‘coriander and curry leaves’ to the bag at the end; rounding off the bill. It may not be the main ingredient of a recipe, but without curry leaves; the dish may not lift its flavours. The aroma of coriander in your mouth could take the meal to the next level.

I wrote Acknowledgments, Dedication, Preface and Appendix pages while submitting the draft for final editing, last week. These are essential sections that put the book in the right perspective. It helps in letting the readers know about the germination of an idea and the peripheral stories that lead to the book’s completion. It gives an opportunity to talk to the readers before they start turning pages.

Things that you write last are read first by the readers! Do you have any similar experience? Do share!